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Step 5

Turn talk into action

You’ve held your first conversation and now have an idea of what you can do at work for nature.

You’ve sown a seed; building yours and others' understanding about your business’ relationship with nature, spotting opportunities for change and forming a group in the process. This section is all about what you can do to grow your plan from here.

How can you put this into effect and where can you start?


Drive your plan forwards 

Use our template to make a presentation and share a summary of your conversation with your line manager as an Action Plan for your business.

You could also send the plan to people in your workplace who could be your plan’s advocate and commit to championing it.  

The template will guide you through a series of questions and turn your answers into a plan for action that you can share with senior leaders in your place of work.

The template includes these prompts:

Why did you take part in Nature’s Workforce?

How does your workplace impact nature, and how nature friendly is your business right now?

Who did you have a conversation with to start your plan of action?

What transformation opportunities did you identify for your workplace?

How would this transformation be a risk for your business?

How would this transformation benefit your business?

Who do you need support from to take the plan forward?

Ask your line manager or sponsor to pledge to join Nature’s Workforce with you and help you deliver your plan


We’re bringing together people like you - all starting the conversation on how your business can do more to protect and renew nature. To share ideas, inspiration and some of the struggle too – sign up to our first come first serve meet up on July 4 2024, hosted by Business Declares.

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Inspire your colleagues

Share your Nature’s Workforce Action Plan with colleagues.  Using existing internal comms channels or regular meetings, this could be a great opportunity to share what you’ve achieved and also inspire colleagues to do something similar across their area of work.

Share responsibility for bringing nature in with other colleagues who care, turning an initial conversation into a sustained group.

Speak to other colleagues about where you’ve got to on bringing nature into your organisation; inviting in their thoughts and ideas.

You could also set up a screening of the Save Our Wild Isles Business Films and use this opportunity to share your plan and encourage your colleagues to join Nature’s Workforce too.


Look outside your organisation

Many businesses and employees are already making changes to how they work to help recover nature. Look outside of your workplace to other organisations and networks who can support and inspire you.

What networks might you and your organisation already be part of that you can learn from?
What partnerships could you form with environmental organisations to help you?

Explore what professional environmental and sustainability networks exist within your sector

Use platforms like LinkedIn to connect to business networks or people who can give you advice, share their experience and provide you with information to help strengthen your Action Plan.